Girls' Last Tour Wiki

Episode 9 - "Technology (II)"

I am the automated apparatus that manages this sector. You do not need to worry. I will not harm you.

Episode 9 - "Water Tank"

"This place was a fish farming facility for the mass production of food fish. However, that fish is the only one remaining."
"The Earth was once one large living being, but humans chose to separate themselves from its processes. Humans built cities to provide the environment for their existence as an alternative to the cycles of water, air, and energy. Our job is to maintain the infrastructure in the foundation of the city to the best of our ability."

Episode 9 - "Life"

"This species does not normally jump out of the water, but this fish exhibits a mutation. A mistake in the transmission of orders. A bug. It is the driving force behind evolution."
"Perhaps because we were equipped with the ability to evoke empathy in order to communicate with humans."
"It means that when you are happy, I am happy."
"If you would call breaking down something to build something new evolution."
"You will not be benefited in any way by saving that fish."
"The fish and I will live a bit longer now. Though we will all die one day."
"There may be limits to evolution as well. The city stopped evolving after it suffered large-scale destruction. The people on this level eventually disappeared as well."