Chito (チト) is one of the two main protagonists of Girls' Last Tour. She and Yuuri travel the ruins of a high-tech megacity in their modified Kettenkrad. Their goal is to get on top of the city.

Personality Edit

Chito is literate and can read and write in Contemporary Kana. However, she can't read kanji or Latin alphabets, as they had become relics of the old world. She is generally calm and composed but can get angry by Yuuri on occasion. She possesses a love of books and attempts to collect books that she finds during traveling. Chito also keeps a journal to record her experiences but in the end, she burns it for fire. She typically drives the Kettenkrad.

Compared to Yuuri, she is poor at shooting and doesn't carry a gun with her, stating that she has no need for one. However, Chito occasionally spots for Yuuri during target practice.

She suffers from acrophobia, the fear of heights.

Equipment TriviaEdit

  • The scope that Chito is seen using multiple times throughout the series is a WWII German ZF4 scope.
  • The helmet that Chito is often seen wearing is a Brodie helmet. 
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