Girls' Last Tour Wiki

Episode 1 - "War"

"It's like a big weapon graveyard."
"So like, if there are three people, but only enough food for two... I bet that's when you've gotta get your weapon and fight."
"Says it's chocolate flavored. No idea what chocolate is, though..."
"I see. I should've carried a weapon too, huh..."

Episode 2 - "Bath"

"How long has it been since we had a bath?"
"I feel like I've been brought back to life."
"This is paradise, pure paradise..."

Episode 2 - "Journal"

"If you don't have the brains, use your brawn."
"People like you are exactly why we need to have a journal like this."
"Memories fade, so we write them down."
"I wonder how many books are left in the world."
"If we keep writing things in our journal, it'll be like a book..."

Episode 2 - "Laundry"

"When the sky's so blue, it's a good weather for a laundry day."

Episode 3 - "Encounter"

"Why do people live?"

Episode 3 - "City"

"It's a legit refueling station."
"Yuu, you wouldn't give up your food even if you were dead, huh?"

Episode 4 - "Photograph"

"Always better to move when it's still bright out."

Episode 4 - "Temple"

"Maybe these statues are like gods."
"Eating rations while looking at the afterlife is pretty weird."
"Remember what you said earlier in the dark, Yuu? That the afterlife is a dark world. Maybe they didn't want to think that, so they made those statues and all the lights. To feel at ease."

Episode 5 - "House"

"Well, we did have a house a long time ago. But we lost it, so..."
"It's pretty nice, having an actual roof and four walls surrounding you."
"I heard people long ago decorated houses with plants."
"If we lazed around here, we'd run out of food in no time."

Episode 5 - "Nap"

"This must be the 'ocean'... I wish I could've shown this to Grandpa."
"I feel like I went through a bunch of weird places..."

Episode 5 - "The Sound of Rain"

"Maybe this is what they call 'music'. I heard it's when high and low sounds have a rhythm and connect together."

Episode 6 - "Breakdown"

"Well, if Yuu touched it, she'd only end up making it even worse."

Episode 6 - "Takeoff"

"Sometimes people are good, but that doesn't mean everyone out there is good."
"History... Hey, Ishii, you might be... ...the last pilot in human history."

Episode 7 - "Labyrinth"

"I wish we could stay alive without having to eat..."
"Life would be so easy if we had arrows like this all the time."
"If we get way more lost now, you'll get way more hungry. Then we'll die."

Episode 7 - "Cooking"

"A long time ago, Grandpa used to make bread for us, right?"
"You're really good at remembering stuff about food."

Episode 8 - "Memories"

"All these useless, seemlingly worthless things are stored away as if they're important... I wonder why..."
"I don't think they were forgotten. They put them in there so they wouldn't be forgotten."
"I bet they left behind these names and the things they owned so someone would see it and remember them. But now there isn't anyone passing through like we are, and everyone in the world is gone... So who would remember them?"

Episode 8 - "Spiral"

"When we're going around and around the same location, it really makes you miss our usual, unchanging days."
"When you think about it, our lives go around and around, too."
"Where will we end up when we reach the end of the spiral?"

Episode 8 - "Moonlight"

"Hey, Yuu. One day, let's go really really high up... ...and go to the Moon."

Episode 9 - "Technology (II)"

"No, I don't think it's a living being. No matter how you look at it, it was a machine. And machines don't breathe or have consciousness. They're like this thing we're riding in. Machines don't move or think on their own."
"I can't believe people long ago could make these kinds of machines... How did they make them?"

Episode 9 - "Life"

"Predators can't be friends with their prey."
"I was thinking, you seem like you're really alive, even though you're just a machine."
"Hey, does destroying that big machine mean we're killing it?"
"The big machine can't talk, but... But I think it can feel empathy."
"A long time ago, people and machine and the city were alive, living in a cycle..."
"People, machine, fish, and city are alive... But they will all come to an end one day."
"If there's not reconstruction after destruction, then that's where it ends, huh."

Episode 10 - "Train"

"A moving grave... Just where is it headed?"
"Our time is constrained by our food."

Episode 10 - "Wavelength"

"That might be what's called 'singing'. Music made with a person's voice."
"I think it's a device that picks up on radio waves or something..."
"Is music something that makes you feel sad?"
"But you know, when we listened to the rain music, I felt a little happy."
"Feeling sad, feeling happy... Maybe music has that kind of power."
"This red light feels sad for some reason. Is it because of the music, or..."

Episode 10 - "Capture"

"It feels good to cut our hair, but losing these makes you feel kinda sad..."
"What is it? Definitely doesn't look like it's a fish... I think I saw something in a book. Think it's a 'cat'?"
"We can't eat something that can say words."

Episode 11 - "Culture"

"Cultural differences are like the differences between groups of humans, like alphabets or language. Apparently, some wars were caused by culture."
"But maybe it was actually people like Yuu who created culture."

Episode 11 - "Destruction"

"You can't even compare our guns to what this thing can do."
"Is all the destruction in the city because of ridiculously powerful weapons like this?"
"No, it's not the weapon's fault. It's the person who used it. A human pilots it, after all."

Episode 11 - "Past"

"I thought this looked like a picture I saw in a book a while back. There were lots of plants growing like this. I bet there were a lot of animals in it, and there was a food chain, too."
"We don't know anything about the past. All we've got is what's in books."
"Our lives are too short to learn a lot of things."

Episode 12 - "Connection"

"Are you lonely with it just being us?"
"But in a way, that's also 'something from the past', I guess. Flavors are information, in a way. Though you can't write them down."

Episode 12 - "Friend"

"You might be little, but you might actually be one of mankind's enemies..."
"But... Even if the world ends... I wouldn't really care. As long as I have you, Yuu, I'm happy..."