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Encounter, City, Streetlights (遭遇, 都市, 街灯) is the 3rd episode of the anime adaptation.


While pondering where the fish they ate came from, the girls come across another survivor named Kanazawa. Blowing up a building to allow them to cross a gorge and lending them with his handmade map, Kanazawa gets a ride from the girls as they make their way to the upper levels of the city. Arriving at a tower at the center of the city, the group take an improvised elevator towards the upper level. However, the elevator suddenly tilts, causing Kanazawa to drop all of his maps and become severely depressed. After Yuuri manages to cheer him up, Kanazawa leaves Chito and Yuuri with his camera before setting off to make more maps as replacements.


  • Kanazawa makes his first appearance here.

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