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Kanazawa (カナザワ) is a cartographer (mapmaker) Chito and Yuuri encountered during their journey. They encountered him as he was blowing a building up so that it would become a bridge over a gorge between two building blocks, but unbeknownst to him, the building almost fell on Chito and Yuuri. Although he left a poor first impression, they soon agreed to help each other, as Chito and Yuuri were also looking for a way to get to the other side, while his bike had broken down. He carries a camera and a pair goggles that can connect to his camera to serve as a screen, so he doesn't have to align his head with the camera.

After they reached the tower and ascended to a higher level, he gave the main cast his camera as thanks and parted ways with them.



To Kanazawa, making maps is his main purpose in life, and he is very careful with them. When his bag of maps falls from a malfunctioning elevator, he jumps down in a futile attempt to grab the bag. Chito and Yuuri manage to pull him back up, but he told them to let him fall with the bag. Yuuri attempts to cheer him up and offers him a bar of fruit-flavored ration, and in return, Kanazawa gives them his camera. He is currently making a new map for the partition of the layer he left Chito and Yuuri on.

When Chito and Yuuri make their way to an abandoned submarine, they connect the camera that Kanazawa gifted them to the central computer and are able to display the photos contained in it. Apart from the photos the two girls took, they see many other photos and videos taken on Kanazawa's camera. Some of the more noticable photos are of Kanazawa and an unknown female companion. Other contents include children's footraces, orchestras, family photos, news broadcasts, war, etc.