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Yuuri (ユーリ) is one of the protagonists of Girls' Last Tour. She and Chito travel the ruins of a high-tech megacity in their modified Kettenkrad.


Yuuri's appearance

Yuuri is a young girl with a plain face and light-blue eyes. She has blond hair that is messy and partially rests on her shoulders, while the rest falls down to her upper back.

She wears a green military coat, pants, and a metal helmet, gloves, and brown boots.


Unlike Chito, Yuuri is illiterate. She can't read and has trouble with spelling when she tries to write, often prone to misspelling words. Yuuri enjoys drawing, shown when she says she wants to draw more after drawing in Chito's journal as an apology for burning one of her books.

In contrast with Chito's survival-oriented temperament, Yuuri displays a more laid-back, almost carefree attitude. Though possessing a generally poor memory, Yuuri is able to recall facts with relative ease when related to food.

Yuuri is knowledgeable regarding firearms and she is a competent marksman. She was able to teach Nuko different calibers of bullets. She carries an Arisaka Type 38 rifle with her.

Near the end of the manga, it is revealed that she is somewhat afraid of darkness, and relies on Chito to help overcome it.