Episode 1 - "Starry Sky"

"I never knew nighttime was this bright."

Episode 1 - "War"

"Hey, you think a tank tastes good?"
"People long ago didn't have enough food, either. So why'd they build all these weapons?"
"If they'd preserved food instead of making weapons, our lives would be so much easier."
"War means killing one another, right? Why'd they do that?"
"Having to eat snow of all things... War really is the worst."

Episode 2 - "Bath"

"It's almost like we're the only people in the world."
"Hey, did you know that the afterlife is supposed to be really warm?"
"Hey, what does 'paradise' mean anyway?"

Episode 2 - "Journal"

"Must be nice for you, Chi, making me do all the annoying work."
"Memories just get in the way of living."
"You've always liked books, huh, Chi."

Episode 2 - "Laundry"

"It's so blue, Chi. It's like we're in the sky."
"Why is the sky blue?"
"Hey, I wonder what it feels like to live in the water."

Episode 3 - "Encounter"

"Working up a sweat for the first time in a while really makes you feel alive, huh?"

Episode 3 - "City"

"There are a lot of residential buildings in this area."
"If we go to a higher level, maybe we'll find way more food, and lots of people living happily up there..."

Episode 3 - "Streetlights"

The streetlights... They're alive!
"I wonder what's at that really bright place."
"You don't need a reason. There are nice things sometimes."

Episode 4 - "Photograph"

"Kanazawa should've shown us how to use it if he was giving it to us..."
"Pretty amazing people back then could make stuff like this."
"I wish your heart were as big as these stone statues, Chi."
"It's weird. If you eat food, it gets used up, but if you take pictures, they're here forever."
"When the town falls apart and even those stone statues all break down, those pictures might still be there."

Episode 4 - "Temple"

"Between this and a hot spring, I like hot spring 'paradise' more."
"Is the afterlife like this? No warmth, so dark you can't see, with nobody there..."
"If I lost Chi... what would I do?"
"But I just don't get it. Even this nice god is still all a fake, right? What's the point of making a big disappointment like this?"
"Nobody knows what life's like after death anyway."
"I felt way more at ease after I found you, though. In the dark."

Episode 5 - "House"

"There's a lotta electricity and water left around, but still no people. Even though there are all these houses."
"In the end, we're back to a cycle of resupplying and traveling. That means the road we travel is our house."

Episode 5 - "Nap"

"And really, Chi, if you've gotta get eaten, wouldn't you rather it be by me?"

Episode 5 - "The Sound of Rain"

"Hasn't rained a while, huh?"
"Hey, Chi, was the world always like this?"

Episode 6 - "Breakdown"

"Let's get along with the feeling of hopelessness."

Episode 6 - "Takeoff"

"Ishii's gotta be a good person if she's letting us use her bath. Kanazaa was a good person, too. With his maps..."
"But c'mon, they say humans are creatures that help one another!"
"Hey, Ishii? Why'd you wanna make an airplane? Most people wouldn't think about making one, even if they had a lotta equipment."
"I wonder what the world looks like from the sky."
"What does 'cheers' mean again?"
"The next city over, huh... I wonder what it's like."
"Maybe she's getting along with it now. With the feeling of hopelessness."

Episode 7 - "Labyrinth"

"But hey, aren't we always kinda lost?"
"Oh, it wouldn't be fun getting there just by following signs."

Episode 7 - "Cooking"

"Sweetness is happiness, huh?"

Episode 8 - "Spiral"

"Everything seems so dangerous that I actually start thinking that everything'll be fine."
"Are we really going up, or are we doing down?"
"You sure are quick to turn into a coward when you're up high, Chi."
"How can you live if you're afraid of dying?!"

Episode 8 - "Moonlight"

"Nights where you can see the Moon really get you pumped up, huh?"

Episode 9 - "Technology (II)"

"Hey, what does 'alive' mean?"
"Okay then, what if that machine walked toward us all on its own and said 'hello', what'd you do?"
"There are no other living beings, huh..."

Episode 9 - "Life"

"What's 'empathy'?"
"No, I dunno why, but... I wanna save that fish."
"Sorry, big guy."
"Hey, Chi. Maybe 'life' means something that has an end?"

Episode 10 - "Train"

"I just noticed something awesome. We're moving in a train that's moving. So basically, we're moving faster than we usually do!"
"Oh, but wait, does that mean every day, we travel one Earth circumference?"
"We run into these guys sometimes now... But nope, they don't work. It makes you remember the graves we saw before."
"Okay, as long as we've got food, let's keep pressing forward!"

Episode 10 - "Wavelength"

"It was a weird sound. It sounded like someone's voice, but a little different."
"I dunno, but listening to it made me feel kinda sad."
"I bet the red sunset has a sad rhythm to it."

Episode 10 - "Capture"

"Huh. This that 'empathy' thing again?"

Episode 11 - "Culture"

"Is being able to eat bullets a cultural difference?"

Episode 11 - "Destruction"

"Fighting with a weapon like this would turn stuff to a sea of fire in an instant."
"So in the end, it's a good idea to keep our helmets on."

Episode 11 - "Past"

"So how did things end up like this? There's only machines."
"Oh, but you know, even if we don't know about the past, we can know about the future. With enough time."

Episode 12 - "Connection"

" you feel lonely, Chi?"
"Hey. I think I've started to get why you wanna know more about the past. It's been just the two of us for a long time, but... Once you find out that people used to live like this... I kinda feel a little less lonely."

Episode 12 - "Friend"

"Hey, Chi. It said the world's gonna end."
"So that singing voice was theirs. I bet they got along with the feeling of hopelessness. That's why they seem sad. It's a song about the End."

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